New Filler Arc to Begin in April For Bleach!

Hey there everybody, I hope many of you are enjoying spring break so far or doing well at work. The relief efforts continues in Japan since the Mar 11 quake, so be sure to donate generously if you can to red cross, global giving or charity of your choice (for Japan that is).

Anyways, a new filler arc will be happening in April or next month as the reason for the new OP + ED happening for it. Here is what I know about it so far below.

[Below, Taken from Bleach Asylum/Five Lifetimes, One Love]

Kubo re-tweeted this from zack_mori (Yosuke Morita, Recording Director Assistant for Bleach) posted this on twitter:

【1】約束通り、アニメBLEACHの最新情報を発表します! 2011年4月からアニメオリジナル新シリーズ「護廷十三隊侵軍篇」が放送開始予定ですよ~(・∀・) オリジナル新キャラクターのオーディションもして、既にアフレコも始まっています!

【2】オーディションを開催したのは、BLEACHのテレビシリーズでは2回目。実に6年ぶりのオーディション! 今回のシリーズには、それだけ気合が入っているということです(`・ω・´) 災害を皆で乗り越えて、新シリーズを皆で楽しみましょうね!

czeliate wrote:
woooo!!! I got this picture somewhere in chinese forum :p

a start of new filler arc in april called ” Gotei 13 invading army arc” with new OP and ED

yeah~ this is the new filler arc title
Gotei 13 invading army arc (I’m glad it’s true 🙂 )

(by the way, can someone please confirm if 侵軍 = invading army ?)

can’t waitXD!!

[Above, Taken from Bleach Asylum/Five Lifetimes, One Love]

So that’s all I know about the new filler arc that is coming so far.

Let’s Pray for Japan and donate to those who are helping with the relief effort in Japan if you can.


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