Fairy Tail Updates & Bleach ED28 Single!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are doing well in School or work as we are very close the end of September and into the month of October(Halloween).

Anyways, As you may or may not know that Fairy Tail is entering in it’s 3rd year (season, however you want to call it) with new themes begin Oct 1 (episode 99). The 9th opening theme, which has been updated, is called “Towa no Kizuna” (永久のキズナ; “Everlasting Bond) by Daisy x Daisy feat. Another Infinity; the single is slated for release on Oct 19, 2011. The 9th ending theme will be “Kono Te Nobashite” (この手を伸ばして; “Reach Out This Hand”) by Hi-Fi Camp; the single is slated to be released on Nov 30, 2011.

Daisy x Daisy’s official website is http://www.pcmusic.jp/daisy-daisy/index.html.
Hi-Fi Camp’s official website is http://www.hi-ficamp.com/.

Feel free to check them out if you wish and Daisy x Daisy has posted a video or PV of “Towa no Kizuna” on nicovideo (also on youtube).

For you information, Bleach ED28 Single – “Haruka Kanata” by UNLIMITS has been uploaded and available for you to download. It has recently been released by Nipponsei (like a 8 hours ago or so). The other ones, read the faqs.

Don’t forget, Fate/Zero airs Oct 1, 2011 in japan as a 1 hour episode.

Have a nice day or night, wherever your reading from.

Bleach Updates!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are doing well in School or work as we are near the end of September.

Anyways, As you may or may not know that Bleach will be returning to “Canon” epsiodes on Oct 11, 2001 to begin “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc along with new themes for it. The 15th opening will be “HARUKAZE” by SCANDAL, the single release date is currently unknown and will most likely be in Dec 2011/Jan 2012. The 29th ending will be “Re:pray” by Aimer, the single release date is Dec 7, 2011.

SCANDAL’s official website is http://www.scandal-4.com/.
Aimer’s official website is http://www.aimer-web.jp/.

Many of you should be familiar with SCANDAL as they sang the 10th opening of Bleach, and the 4th ending of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Aimer is a new artist who sang the ending of No. 6 (it’s an anime) for any of you who watched it. Please note these base on what I know or familiar with.

Also I recommend (based on comments on MAL or websites of that sort) that you should watch episode 342, entitled Thank You as “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc will begin on episode 343; in which near the end of episode 342, it may contain information about the “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc. Also Bleach will not have a sequel or having massive fillers for like 1-2 years(like Naruto) or go on a one month hiatus, as there has been no official announcement regarding it, instead it’ll go straight to “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc right after the “Gotei 13 Invading Army” Filler Arc.

Have a nice day or night, wherever your reading from.

Some News/Updates, Finally!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are settling back in School or work since you summer vacation ended while it lasted. For me, I’ve been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks with 2 jobs, now back to 1.

Anyways, Fate/Zero anime is scheduled to broadcast on Oct 1, 2011 with a one-hour special. The opening theme has been revealed to be “oath sign” by LiSA and the single is slated for release on Nov 23, 2011 along with the ending theme – “MEMORIA” (メモリア) by Aoi Eir. The single release date for it is Oct 19, 2011.

LiSA’s official website is http://www.lxixsxa.com/
Aoi Eir’s official website is http://www.aoieir.com/index2.html (ED preview available on site)

So look forward to them on Oct 1, 2011; you know I will for sure.

New Naruto Shippuuden themes has been revealed and they are slated for Oct 6, 2011 debut, which is episode 231, entitled The Closed Sea Route. Please note that on ANN, it says ep 232, which is on Oct 13; although Japanese sources say Oct 6, so it could be an error. (your call) The themes are as follow, opening theme is “newsong” by tacica and there is no confirmed release date for the single yet, I will let you know when revealed; the ending theme is “Place to Try” by TOTALFAT and the single release date for it is Nov 9, 2011.

tacica’s official website is http://www.tacica.jp/
TOTALFAT’s official website is http://www.totalfat.net/

Both guy/male bands, better if it were mixed. Oh well, what can you do.

There is also a new Fairy Tail theme slated for October 2011 and the opening theme is “Eikyū no Kizuna (永久のキズナ)” by Daisy x Daisy, the single is slated for Oct 19,2011 release. The ending theme has yet to be revealed, which will be soon before end of Sept.

Daisy x Daisy’s official website is http://www.pcmusic.jp/daisy-daisy/

Wow, Daisy x Daisy sure loves doing Fairy Tail as it’s her third one. (if your a fan of her, you take it or leave it) [In case I get bashed for saying it or something]

For Bleach, it’s currently uncertain if they will go like Naruto did or take a month break. (something along those lines)

Have a nice day or night, wherever your reading from.