Fairy Tail Updates & Bleach ED28 Single!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are doing well in School or work as we are very close the end of September and into the month of October(Halloween).

Anyways, As you may or may not know that Fairy Tail is entering in it’s 3rd year (season, however you want to call it) with new themes begin Oct 1 (episode 99). The 9th opening theme, which has been updated, is called “Towa no Kizuna” (永久のキズナ; “Everlasting Bond) by Daisy x Daisy feat. Another Infinity; the single is slated for release on Oct 19, 2011. The 9th ending theme will be “Kono Te Nobashite” (この手を伸ばして; “Reach Out This Hand”) by Hi-Fi Camp; the single is slated to be released on Nov 30, 2011.

Daisy x Daisy’s official website is http://www.pcmusic.jp/daisy-daisy/index.html.
Hi-Fi Camp’s official website is http://www.hi-ficamp.com/.

Feel free to check them out if you wish and Daisy x Daisy has posted a video or PV of “Towa no Kizuna” on nicovideo (also on youtube).

For you information, Bleach ED28 Single – “Haruka Kanata” by UNLIMITS has been uploaded and available for you to download. It has recently been released by Nipponsei (like a 8 hours ago or so). The other ones, read the faqs.

Don’t forget, Fate/Zero airs Oct 1, 2011 in japan as a 1 hour episode.

Have a nice day or night, wherever your reading from.


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