New Release + Fairy Tail Update!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are doing well in School or work. Christmas is upon us, that means the holiday season are underway except U.S Thanksgiving with Black Friday after that.

Just so you know,, Fate/Zero OP Single – “oath sign” by LiSA has been uploaded and available for you to download. It has recently been released by Nipponsei (like 20 hours ago or so). The other ones, read the faqs. The single is surprisingly released few days early than it’s supposed to. (Gotta love leaks made on the web)

Also many of you may/may not know that there is a Fairy Tail Movie, which may be in production, will hit Japanese theaters on Aug 18, 2012. It’s currently unknown if it’s an anime movie or live action. (Most likely anime, IMO) More detail will be revealed.

The Officail Fairy Tail Movie Website:

Have a nice day or night, stay warm or cool wherever you live.

Small Updates + Clock Change Reminder!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are doing well in School or work. Halloween has passed, so I hope you all had enjoyed your Halloween as the holiday season is approaching.

Anyways, the 4th Gundam Unicorn(UC) Ending theme for the 4th episode has been revealed, it’s called “B-Bird” by earthmind with the single release date slated for Nov 30, 2011. The 4th episode of Gundam Unicorn(UC) will be streamed worldwide on Nov 12, 2011 with DVD and Blu-ray release on Dec 2, 2011; entitled At the Bottom of the Gravity Well.

earthmind’s official website is

They are a new band, “B-Bird” by earthmind is their debut single aka 1st single.

Also the single release for Bleach ED29 – “Re:pray” by Aimer has change from Dec 7, 2011 to Dec 14, 2011; so it’s being released a week later than its original date.

Aimer’s official website is

If you been checking the site, you’ll know that the release date has been updated or so.

DON’T FORGET! Daylight Savings End on Nov 6, 2011, for those who monitor/observe DST, which mean you change your clocks back 1 hour. (From 2:00 AM to 1:00 AM) Ignore this if you don’t have DST in effect or not at all.)

Have a nice day or night, wherever your reading from.