New Fate/Zero Themes in April!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are doing well in School or work as well as enjoy the Chinese new year festivities.

Anyway, new Fate/Zero themes has been revealed when it resumes in April. The 2nd opening theme is called “to the beginning” by Kalafina and it’s single release date is April 18, 2012. The 2nd ending theme will be sung/performed by Haruna Luna, the song title has yet to be revealed. [Will update when the song title has been revealed or confirmed.]

Kalafina’s officail site is
Haruna Luna’s officail site is

Some/Many of you maybe familiar with Kalafina since they debuted in 2008 with “oblivious,” the first of seven ending theme songs for the Kara no Kyōkai – the Garden of sinners anime films. Yuki Kajiura, a veteran composer of such anime as Noir, .hack//SIGN, and Tsubasa Chronicle, put together the Kalafina group and writes the music. Since 2008, Kalafina have performed theme songs for several other anime, including Black Butler and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. (ANN Quoting) Haruna Luna is a new artist, who still on active duty as a punk/loli reader model in KERA.

More reason to get excited for the 2nd part of Fate/Zero, I guess.

Have a nice day or night, wherever your reading from


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