New Themes for Fairy Tail & Naruto Shippuuden in October!

Hello everybody, I hope many of you are having a good start of the school year or doing well at work. If you are feeling stressed out at the moment, take deep breath. Before we begin, as you know I haven’t made any post during the summer (July & August), this is due to my job(work) has occupied most of my time and other matters or so. Anyways, things are back to normal and all, so let’s begin.

There will be new themes for Naruto Shippuuden & Fairy Tail in October, which is next month or Halloween month. For Naruto Shippuuden, the 12th Opening will be performed by Daisuke as the song title has yet to be revealed, but will be very soon. The 23rd Ending is titled “MOTHER” by MUCC and the single will be released on Oct 31, 2012 (Halloween). The new theme will start on Oct 4, 2012; which is episode 282 – titled Hidden Story: The Ultimate Tag-Team!. (translation of episode title may differ)

Daisuke’s official site is
MUCC’s official site is

Daisuke did Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) OP; first time I’ve heard of this anime to be honest, for some of you, maybe not. This will be his 2nd anime tie-in. MUCC did Inu x Boku SS OP, Senkou no Night Raid OP, and Zombie-Loan ED. Again; first time I’ve heard of Inu x Boku SS & Zombie-Loan anime to be honest, for some of you, maybe not. This will be their 4th anime tie-in.

Now for Fairy Tail, the 13th Opening is titled “Breakthrough” by GOING UNDER GROUND and it will be part of their Album “Roots&Routes” as a track title that will be released on Nov 14, 2012. The 13th Ending is titled “Kimi ga Kureta Mono” (キミがくれたもの; “What you gave me”) by Shizuka Kudo and the single will be released on Oct 17, 2012. The new theme will start on Oct 6, 2012; which is episode 151, the start of the Grand Magic Games arc. (I believe)

GOING UNDER GROUND’s official site is
Shizuka Kudo’s official site is

GOING UNDER GROUND did Katekyo Hitman Reborn! OP8 (if your familiar with the series). Shizuka Kudo did Dragon Ball GT, but she has been singing for 25 years or so. Anyone who is familiar with her songs will be pleased (pretty slim to say the least).

As you already know, Naruto Shippuuden ED22 – “Kono Koe Karashite” (この声枯らして feat. CHENON) by AISHA was released on Aug 22, 2012. I’m still waiting on Nipponsei or so to release them. So expect a big “catch-up” release or so, ready for download on this blog soon (within the next few weeks?)

Have a nice day or night, wherever your reading from. Halloween will soon be upon us. XD