Release Updates!

Seasons Greetings, everyone. I hope many of you are enjoying the holidays and for those who are working, don’t work too hard. As you know Christmas Day is hours away.

Anyways, Fairy Tail OP13 Album – “Breakthrough” by GOING UNDER GROUND (released under Roots&Routes Album) has been uploaded. Unfortunately, I was forced to split it into two parts due to upload error, even though it isn’t even close to 200 MB. (Kinda dumb in my opinion). I almost forgot about Gundam UC, so I download and upload ED5 – “Broken Mirror” by Boom Boom Satellites ; it was more than 6 months wait & I apologize for that.

Now for some Naruto news, a new ending theme has been revealed. The 24th ending will be “Sayonara Memories” (さよならメモリー; Goodbye Memory) by 7!!, it will debut on Jan 17, 2013 of episode 296 titled Naruto Joins the War!! (translation may vary) and the single will be released on Feb 20, 2013. I’m sure many of you are ware that there won’t be a Naruto Movie in 2013, but in 2014 instead; that’s all we know so far as it was announced at Jump Festa 2013. Just so you know, Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja will be released on DVD & BLU-RAY on April 24, 2013; so it’s official, movie will be released in Blu-Ray from now as older movies will be re-released in Blu-Ray starting from April 2013.

7!!’s official site is

You should all be familiar with this group as they did the 9th opening on April 2011, so this should be good.

Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess will be released on DVD on Feb 15, 2013. (according to the wikia, for now consider it a tentative release date until officially confirm or announced an actual date).

Happy Holidays!

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