The Unofficial Big Order OST Download


Big Order (ビッグオーダー Biggu Ōdā) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. It began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s Shōnen Ace magazine with the November 2011 issue. An original video animation episode by Asread was released on October 3, 2015. An anime television series adaptation will premiere in Japan in April 2016.

Note: Only full version of OST and singles will be uploaded.
Status: Completed, but soundtracks will be uploaded when I get around to it.

Artist: Yousei Teikoku
Release Date: 2016/04/27
Released By: Shin-S
File Size: 53.9 MB
File Format: MP3 | VBR
Tracklist: 1. DISORDER
2. Akaki Koutei, Shiroki Sekai
3. Keikyoku Meiro
4. DISORDER (Instrumental)
5. Akaki Koutei, Shiroki Sekai (Instrumental)
6. Keikyoku Meiro (Instrumental)

Title: Koware Sekai Oware/Kire Sekai Tsuiware (毀レ世カイ終ワレ; The End of the Broken World)
Artist: Hata Aki
Release Date: 2016/05/25
Released By: Mashin
File Size: 20.1 MB
File Format: MP3 | 320kps
Tracklist: 01. Kobore Sekai Oware
02. Uro to Mutochi to Hino Kyoukai-sen

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