Happy Halloween 2016!

Hello everybody, as you’re already aware that today is Oct 31, 2016 for most of you or so. If you live the other the side of the world, it’s most likely Nov 1, 2016. In other words, it’s officially Halloween as long it’s Oct 31, 2016 for wherever parts of the world you live in which it allows you to go scare somebody, partying, or get some tasty treats. As usual, I would like to wish everyone to have a safe and Happy Halloween from Anime Vestige. So a “Trick or Treat” to you and to those around. I hope you all enjoy the fireworks as long it’s allowed and legal. If you’re going to light them, please be safe and cautious with them or read the instructions on the label for proper handling.

Just a reminder that Daylight Savings end on Nov 6, 2016 (although some regions are earlier in Oct) for those who live in a country with DST in effect, that mean you fall back 1 hour as DST ends; so change your clocks on the night of Nov 5, 2016 before bed as you gain an extra hour.

Some changes are being made on this blog, mainly on the ost download pages, to make them look organized or cleaner in way, so just carry on as usual.

Have a spooky, fun, and safe Halloween, everyone. Enjoy it while it last.