The Unofficial ChäoS;HEAd OST Download


Chaos;Head (Japanese: カオスヘッド Hepburn: Kaosu Heddo?, stylized as ChäoS;HEAd) is a 2008 anime series created by Madhouse, based on 5pb. and Nitroplus’s video game of the same name. It is set in Shibuya, Tokyo, and follows Takumi Nishijou, a high school student who suffers from paranoia and delusions after having witnessed one of a series of murders. He meets several girls who have an interest in him, and who he suspects might have a connection to the murders. He eventually learns of the existence of people with the power to project delusions onto others’ minds, and of an organization using a machine to do so artificially for their own gain.

<p?The series was directed by Takaaki Ishiyama, and features character designs by Shuichi Shimamura, script supervision by Toshiki Inoue, and music by Takeshi Abo. The series has been released on home media by VAP in Japan, Funimation in North America, Madman Entertainment in Australia, and Manga Entertainment in the United Kingdom. Reviewers have been mostly critical of the story; while some still found it engaging, it was generally considered confusing. The animation and visuals received a wide range of opinions from critics, while the series' soundtrack received praise

Note: Only full version of OST and singles will be uploaded.
Status: Completed, but soundtracks will be uploaded when I get around to it.

Title: F.D.D.
Artist: Ito Kanako
Release Date: 2008/10/29
Released By: Nipponsei
File Size: 49.3 MB
File Format: MP3 | 320kps
Tracklist: 1. F.D.D.
2. Fly to the sky
3. F.D.D. off vocal
4. Fly to the sky off vocal

Title: “First Sight” Single – Super Special
Artist: Kagami Seira
Release Date: 2008/11/21
Released By: Nipponsei
File Size: 40.2 MB
File Format: MP3 | 320kps
Tracklist: 1. First Sight
2. Super Special
3. First Sight -exclusive edit-

Title: Haritsuke no Misa (磔のミ; The Mass of Crucifixion)
Artist: PHANTASM (FES cv. Sakakibara Yui)
Release Date: 2008/11/26
Released By: HnA
File Size: 52.9 MB
File Format: MP3 | 320kps
Tracklist: 1. Haritsuke no Missa
2. Haruka Naru Idiyona
3. Haritsuke no Missa (off Vocal)
4. Haruka Naru Idiyona (off Vocal)


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