Happy Chinese New Year 2017, The Chicken/Rooster Clucks!

Hello Everybody, as you’re all aware that today is Jan 28, 2017. This means it’s officially Chinese New Year in ushering the Year of the Chicken/Rooster as we leave behind and say farewell to the Year of the Monkey (2016). I would like to wish everyone, a Happy Chinese New Year in welcoming the Year of the Monkey (2017) as it symbolizes punctuality, honesty, bravery, competitiveness, observant and hardworking. I wish any readers/fans of all ethnicity in receiving as much of the Lai See(Lucky Red Envelope) as you possibly can throughout the 15 day of festivities as we celebrate in welcoming the year of the Chicken/Rooster.

As a Chinese Canadian, I would like to encourage everyone from all ethnic background or so to go out and indulge yourselves as well as have fun in the Chinese New Year celebrations/events that are happening within your city or community. If you were born during the Year of the Chicken/Rooster, then this may be a prosperous new year for you and your family as well those that surround around you; although chicken/rooster may be considered unlucky at times, so be wary.

I hope that everyone will enjoy the festivities and all that are going on in your city or community in celebration of welcoming the Year of the Chicken/Rooster.

Gung Hei Fat Choy “Congratulations and be prosperous”. Have a happy, healthy, new year. May good fortune be with you always for years to come.

Happy New Year 2017!

Hello Everyone! As you’re all aware that today is officially Jan 1, 2017 while on the other side of the world is probably on Jan 2, 2017. That means it’s officially New Year’s Day, so I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope many of you had enjoyed 2016 for what its worth and all as we start a fresh new beginning in 2017 from Anime Vestige.

For anyone who celebrates Chinese/Lunar New Year in your culture/heritage, It’s coming up this month on Jan 28, 2017 and It’ll be the Year of the Chicken/Rooster.

So go out and enjoy day one of a brand new year before you settle back back to your usual, but typical normal lifestyle or routine. Did you make any new year resolutions for 2017? If you did, It would be best to get started on them as soon as possible and early if you can. If you don’t have any made, then just resume on what you have always been normally doing and keep moving forward in life with a smile.

Have a nice day or night, stay warm or cool wherever you live. May 2017 be blessed and filled with good animes to watch and a better, but exciting season to come.