The Unofficial ID-0 OST Download


ID-0 (ID- 0) is a 2017 upcoming Japanese anime television series produced by Sanzigen. The anime was announced through a teaser video on August 7, 2016. The series, is being produced by Sanzigen and directed by Goro Taniguchi, begins airing on April 9, 2017

Note: Only full version of OST and singles will be uploaded.
Status: Completed, but soundtracks will be uploaded when I get around to it.

Title: ID-0
Artist: Sayaka Sasaki
Release Date: 2017/04/26
Released By: Mashin
File Size: 21.2 MB
File Format: MP3 | 320kps
Tracklist: 1. ID-0
2. Stargarden

Title: “A.O.R” Album – Stellar Compass
Artist: Kageyama Hironobu
Release Date: 2017/07/25
Released By: Mashin
File Size: 124.9 MB
File Format: MP3 |320kps
Tracklist: 01. Beginning
02. Amaku Kiken Na Yoru Ni
03. Mr.Travelin Man
04. Chase The Real
05. O Ri To Ri
06. Happy Icecream!
07. Life Without You
08. Shes Trouble & Im Such A Fool!
09. Home-Boku No Taisetsu Na Hitotachi He-
10. White Wedding
11. Stellar Compass


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