(Frequently Asked Questions or Facts in terms)

I will be listing some answers to questions that some of you may or may not be pondering/wondering about so it can be made clear to you to know whats going on and such. If you have any question/concerns/feedback about this FAQ, feel free to comment on this page. Anyways, here we go.


What is this website about?
Anime Vestige (formally Anime Legacy) is about offering direct OST/Singles/Albums Downloads as well as informing you what’s happening in the Word of Anime when necessary. In the future, I may offer Series info (like episode listing and info) and streaming episode that were uploaded by respective users of the anime streaming community(May not be offered). Please read the disclaimer.

Why switch to wordpress.com?
Don’t know really, I probably just felt like it and it’s popular in a way.

Do you accept OST/Single/Album requests?
I currently don’t take request due to limited monthly bandwidth and chances are its probably not the type of anime I watch to download music for.


How long will the file be up for downloading? Will they expire?
The files are stored on a third party file host. As long the files are still being downloaded, they will never expire. Since the file are currently stored and hosted on pcloud.com (10GB Storage) with no bandwidth and file restriction. Multiple accounts will be used if necessary. It’s currently under the free plan and it will remain that way.

There is something wrong with the file download, what do I do?
Just simply post in the Report Broken Links and I’ll look into it and try to fix it if possible. When I have time, that is.

I can’t download the file, it says “Download Error” or something. Why can’t I download?
Although the files are currently hosted on pcloud.com with no bandwidth and file restriction, it doesn’t mean you can download crazy amount at once. You’re not the only one downloading them, so please be considerate of other users on the internet who wishes to download them. You can always wait for the hours with the least amount of traffic for the server to download them.


Where are the files hosted on?
They were formally host on uploadingit.com, which has been shut down due to lack of funds to keep it going. Before that, it was on ADrive, then divshare as main and 4shared as mirror. They were originally hosted on MediaFire/MegaUpload. It is currently hosted on pcloud.com with no bandwidth and file restriction. Multiple accounts will be used due to limited storage space., which is 10GB.

Why are the files in .rar? How do I play it?
The OST/Single are compressed and zipped using WinRAR and you may not like to download the mp3 files separately, in which I won’t upload them separately as they will take too much time for me. WinZip and other similar applications/programs will open the rar files if supported. After that, just play the unzipped mp3 archive files with your media player like iTunes, Window Media Player, WinAmp or any other player that can play the files.

Can you upload theme singles/ost/albums for ?
As stated early in the FAQ, which is considered a request from the way its asked. I’m just one guy sharing anime and stuff out of enjoyment. Whether that seems disappointing to you or not, the feeling is mutual.

Why are the files size of single so big when it only contain a few tracks or so?
There will be times when singles I upload will come with scans/images and/or mini drama. Depending on the quality/resolution of images and/or drama, It’ll likely factor in that big file size.

When will you upload the soundtracks and all?
It’s whenever I feel like doing it as soundtracks may takes 2-3 times to upload for me due to variable upload speed aka anywhere from 1-2 hours or so. I have limited monthly bandwidth as well as internet/network sharing via router. Exceptions will be if the themes songs are only released with it and there is no separate single for it.


Where is the download for ? The release date has already pass/gone.
Be Patient. If the OST/Single/Album is not available to download on BitTorrent/DDL/XDCC, then I don’t have the OST/Single/Album yet. Once it’s available to download via BitTorrent/DDL/XDCC, then I’ll download and upload it as soon as I can. Usually I’m waiting for a certain group to release it on BitTorrent/DDL, which is Nipponsei mostly.

How do you know when they come out?
Mainly on websites like cdjapan, the artist/band’s websites/blogs, anime’s websites, or social media, if reliable or accurate. Although the release date are subject to change, you may never know.

Can I request an anime to be added on you list?
Unless you know me well, then no. My list that is updated are based on my preference or my friend’s recommendations and such, unless you really know me very well, in person that is.

The OST/Singles/Album has been released already, where is it?
I’m already aware that the OST/Single/Album has been released for some time. I ether have it downloaded or still waiting for a certain group to release it on BitTorrent, which is usually Nipponsei mostly. Although, I will wait about 3-6 months or so for them to release it. If they don’t release it within that time-frame, then I go with the next best group that released it. I will upload them as soon as I can and you will be notified via new post when ready. I will upload them in batches if I desired. *Please note that singles I upload may not be full singles due to either nobody has bought the CD or If they have, can’t be bother to rip them at all.*

Last Updated: 2017/09/24


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