Report Broken Link(s)

Since they are stored on a online file storage (host may change depending in the current one situation/changes), there shouldn’t be any problem with any of the links, but there are times that there could be something wrong with it and if you feel it should be looked into, then please report about it here.

To report a broken link(s) or so, just post here on which single/album/ost would you like to have re-uploaded or fixed by providing the name of the single/album/ost and/or the name of anime post (Link if needed).

Note: Please don’t post any download-related issues or so on any of the single/album/ost post itself as I rather have feedback/questions or so posted instead.


15 thoughts on “Report Broken Link(s)

  1. Looks like there is problems with Naruto Shippuden Ending 14 music album.

    Name: Utakata Hanabi
    Artist: supercell
    Street Release Date: 2010/08/25
    Released By: Nipponsei
    File Size: 71.2 MB
    Format: MP3 @ 320kps

    1. Utakata Hanabi
    2. Hoshi ga Mabataku Konna Yoru ni
    3. Worldwide Love
    4. Utakata Hanabi -Instrumental-
    5. Hoshi ga Mabataku Konna Yoru ni -Instrumental-
    6. Worldwide Love -Instrumental-

    First i get 2 error message when i extract it.

    ! C:\Documents and Settings\Toomas\Desktop\[Nipponsei] NARUTO Shippuuden ED14 Single – Utakata Hanabi [supercell].rar: CRC failed in [Nipponsei] NARUTO Shippuuden ED14 Single – Utakata Hanabi [supercell]5 – Hoshi ga Mabataku Konna Yoru ni -Instrumental-.mp3. The file is corrupt
    ! C:\Documents and Settings\Toomas\Desktop\[Nipponsei] NARUTO Shippuuden ED14 Single – Utakata Hanabi [supercell].rar: Unexpected end of archive

    Second, there is only Tracks like
    1. Utakata Hanabi
    2. Hoshi ga Mabataku Konna Yoru ni
    3. Worldwide Love
    4. Utakata Hanabi -Instrumental-

    if i extract it with errors.

    Please fix the corrupt files, and add missing tracks, maybe there is too long folder name what makes it hard to extract or symbols like ()[]@!?#*+.

    Please fix it, and thank you!


    • i used both 7-zip and WinRar and looks like 7-zip extracted the .rar fail better than WinRar, but still because of errors, there is missing track, and errors won’t go away.


    • Sry, there was no problem, looks like my computer had some problems with downloading the .rar fail. I downloaded it again and now it works perfect: all files no errors.

      Sry my bad! ^^


  2. Sorry because I didn’t know to post this (there isn’t an email option) and I think here is the more suited and hidden place… (You can delete this coment after you read it 🙂 )
    It doesn’t look like nipponsei is releasing the naruto shippuuden singles in the in the coming time, so I found them in other sites, already download them and I can ensure that they have not virus, have quality and cover within the .rar:
    If you want to wait for the nipponsei releases, I understand. I’m only trying to help a little because I love this site and I usually come here..
    Good luck! 😀


    • FYI, is back online, but file download and offline and will be back online soon. These thing are out of my control and will happen when you least expect. (so give or take a few hours to a few days for it to be back online)



    ENDING 12

    Name: For You
    Artist: AZU
    Street Release Date: 2010/03/03
    Released By: Nipoonsei
    File Size: 40.7 MB
    Format: MP3 | 320kps

    1. For You
    2. Ima Sugu ni… (Acoustic version)
    3. For You -Instrumental-
    4. Ima Sugu ni… (Acoustic version) -Instrumental-
    “Oh Snap! File Not Found!

    It looks like the file you’re looking for does not exists here anymore, most likely it was deleted.

    Other possible explanations: The link is incorrect, the file never existed, the dog ate it, the cat ate it, Chuck Norris ate it… wait what?!”


    • Thanks for the heads up, it was apparently removed (even though i don’t remember deleting it). It has been re-uploaded along with updated links.


  4. Broken Link

    Akame Ga Kill Ending 1
    Name: Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta. (こんな世界、知りたくなかった。; I Didn’t Want to Know This World.)
    Artist: Miku Sawai
    Street Release Date: 2014/08/13
    Released By: Nipponsei
    File Size: 38 MB
    Format: MP3 | 320kps

    Error Message :
    The response from the server contained duplicate headers. This problem is generally the result of a misconfigured website or proxy. Only the website or proxy administrator can fix this issue.

    Thank you.


    • This error only pops up in chrome while the download still works fine on firefox and IE (All up-to-date to the latest version). My guess is that the issue is with chrome somehow.


    • Fixed. Although it looked fine in Firefox for me; after checking on Chrome/Edge, i realized I forgot to close an html line. Thanks for letting me know though,


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